Hero Dog Awards - Maverick


St. Robert, Missouri

Maverick was born with a purpose, to lift the spirits of our American troops and their family members with his work with the USO. He is a five-year-old Great Dane, weighing in at 200 lbs., which is the perfect weight for one who at times must bear the weight of our nation’s heroes’ traumas, emotions and injuries.

Since becoming a certified therapy dog in 2018, he has spent his time escorting military children to the burial sites of their fallen family member, acting as their rock during a difficult time. At times you will find him on the podium in the courtroom, standing beside children as they testify in court, reminding them that they are courageous enough to speak up against their abusers. Maverick also loves to spend time in the schools, where he acts as an attentive pair of ears for children as they practice their reading skills.

When not working with military family members, you will find him working within the ranks of our military. He stands by their side, being their stability support as they learn to walk again. Maverick has the uncanny ability to read emotions, allowing him to lend a gentle paw to our service members on suicide watch, showing them the meaning of unconditional love, helping guide them out of the darkness. Maverick is there for our troops and their families in the hardest of times, to the happiest of times, he is their hero, making him the perfect nominee to become the next American Humane Hero Dog, following in the pawprints of those before him.