Hero Dog Awards - Jake


Ladson, South Carolina

This is my boy Jake. What I think makes him a hero are the odds he beat as a three-week-old puppy. I am a Firefighter and rescued Jake from a burning shed. Jake survived conditions that most living beings could not. He was burned over 75 percent of his body as well as his four paws. I saved Jake again when I learned his original family abandoned him at the Veterinarians office. Jake was coming to work with me at the station while he recovered, and everyone fell in love with him. The city I work for swore him in as an Honorary Firefighter and our official mascot. Jake went to the schools with us during fire prevention week to help us spread the word. Jake rode on the trucks with us to calls and lounged around the station and awaited our return. Jake spent almost three years being a great ambassador for his breed and bringing joy to those he met. Jake has since retired from going to the station and riding on the trucks, but he still advocates for the “Bully Breed.” Jake is proof that just because you had a rough beginning or have scars you are not bad or damaged. Jake has taken everything that life could throw at him and has handled it with ease, broken barriers and brought light to his breed and just how loving and loyal his breed is. This is why I feel Jake deserves to be the next American Hero Dog.