Hero Dog Awards - Moxie


Ballwin, Missouri

Moxie has truly saved my life, and I don’t say that lightly. She has allowed me to gain my independence back as my health plummeted and brought a light into my life when it was incredibly dark. She helps me tremendously with the physical challenges I have, but also brings a joy and purpose to my life that I never thought I would experience again. She is a hero to me in every sense of the word and I am so thankful for her.

Due to that thankfulness, as a team, we are on a mission to make a difference. Moxie is pictured with a bandana that says Moxie’s Mission, which is the name of our nonprofit we started to fully fund service dogs for Veterans and non-Veterans to pay it forward. In the past three years, we have raised enough money to fully fund two services dogs and are currently working on our third.

Moxie’s Mission is also publishing our first children’s book, starring Moxie, to help educate and bring awareness surrounding support dogs. Traveling to schools, girl scout groups, and many other groups, I talk about what service dogs are, how to interact with them, different jobs they do, the differences between all emotional, therapy, and service dogs, as well as give time for them to see Moxie in action as she works. Moxie helps me primarily, but also helps so many others as we continue our mission of making a difference. She is Moxie’s Mission and so deserving of this award. She gave me my life back and is a true hero.