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judges 2011

TattleTails Hawkeye

Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner Service Dogs, Inc.
Location Lake Tapps, Washington


When my Golden Retriever, Lucas, (pictured on left) needed to retire, I contacted Tattle Tails Scent Dogs for a new dog. They specialize in Diabetic Alert Dogs. As a brittle and hypoglycemic unaware diabetic, my BG is unpredictable and I can't tell when I am low. When I arrived to pick Hawkeye (pictured on right) up at 13 weeks he alerted immediately. My BG was 40, a dangerous number. We bonded immediately and he has been working hard on alerting and keeping me safe and healthy ever since. He wakes me to dangerous lows, he alerts others if I am not listening, and he is amazingly persistent. He brings my kit so I can test, he keeps re-alerting until I listen-I get very stubborn about finishing what I am doing when I am low. By 6 months he knew 25 verbal and 5 hand signals commands and had 300+ hours of public access training hours. He can do all aspects of the Public Access Test, but has not has the opportunity. This picture was at Christmas. Lucas and Hawkeye worked together for several months before Hawkeye took over completely in October.

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