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Wilson Love.JPG
Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner Hand in Paw
Location Woodstock, Georgia


Wilson was "incarcerated" at an animal shelter for over 6 months, an individual rescue person took him out on his last day there, she circulated him on the internet and I adopted him, Wilson limped because his hind leg atrophied from being confined for so long and his head was swollen from an ear infection; his face has scars from some past battle. He soon adapted to his new home and offered his embraces and kisses to our newly "widowed" Rottweiler. Wilson has always been so very well-mannered, he waits until he can meet a person and gently looks into thier eyes. Then he usually ut his paw into your hand. With children he stands patiently until the children approach him.. then depending on the child he stands & waits while they hug and hug and hug on him. The child in the photo was unknown to Wilson but stopped by when she saw him, he returned every bit of the love she showed for him by hugging her back, very typical Wilson behavior. Wilson is especially fond of children but likes everyone. But he shows his sensitivity the most with children with his total patience and desire to connect with them. No he is not a trained therapy dog, but Wilson has such an intuitive desire to comfort that he does not seem to need any training. It is a shme I cannot send you all of my pictures of him. He is a Love hero in our eyes!!

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