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K-9 Taylor

taylor new.JPG
Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Dogs For Life, Inc.
Location Hampton, Virginia


K-9 Taylor has never asked anything of me but love and food! But in turn I ask her to risk her life for me. Hot, cold, wet or dry she is the "best tool in my tool box" and always ready. We are on the street to combat the crime of Arson. One story that stands out in my mind is a family homicide that took place a couple of years ago. Their 3000 sq ft home burned as the result. Taylor was lead upstairs where she entered the master bedroom which sustained the brunt the fire. While working her hind legs fell through the burnt floor. I pulled her up, and she continued not missing a stride. She alerted to a deep pile of charred debris. She turned and headed back to the area where she fell through, but I called her off. She also alerted on a pile of burnt clothing in the closet of another room. Both areas were marked. Taylor was checked for injury, wiped down, and placed in the truck to rest. I re-entered the residence to search through that debris. I recovered a mostly empty bottle of lighter fluid below (about 24 inches) the debris. Also within the closet of the other room I recovered a mostly full bottle of lighter fluid bearing the same markings. I went outside and kissed her (Taylor). This is what we do. We have a special bond, I love Taylor for what she does for me.

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