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Glory Hero.jpg
Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Project Paws Alive
Location Evansville, Wisconsin


Intentionally set fires in Beloit, Wisconsin average 27%. The national average is 13%. The high percentage initiated the fire department to apply for an accelerant detection K-9. Glory is a nationally certified accelerant detection K-9. I have been a K-9 handler since 1996. Glory is the third and best partner I’ve had. Glory began her career as an assistance dog helping people with disabilities. Although she excelled in training, her rambunctious, outgoing personality was too much for the required work routine. She transitioned to the accelerant detection program where her personality has been an asset. Glory has investigated 12 fires and given 8 public relations demonstrations since starting with the department 5 short months ago. Her unbridled enthusiasm to do her job is admirable. She knows when it is time to be an investigator and when it is time to be a dog.
What truly makes her a hero is her ability to relieve stress at the station. As firefighters, we encounter bad scenes on a daily basis. No amount of training can prepare someone for what we see. Glory is able to sense who is having a bad day and she stays with them throughout the shift; her infectious happiness rubbing out all intense emotions that person is feeling.
The picture I have chosen of Glory truly depicts her personality- a fervent dedication to the task at hand- whether a fire, demonstration or family time. Her 110% undivided attention in this picture was watching my son play hockey.

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