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Tana NFDM 2013.jpg
Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Project Paws Alive
Location Topeka, Kansas


Tana is a 4 ½ year old Labrador working in the Investigation Division of the Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office. She is an accelerant detection canine working cases throughout Kansas. Tana was raised by a military family in California to be an assistance dog but in September 2010, she began a different service career. Tana has found evidence in multiple cases resulting in convictions. Many of the suspects in her cases plead out instead of going to trial because they know how good her nose is. Tana does not discriminate. Her keen nose has found evidence leading to the arson conviction of firefighters and their family members. Her most notable case is the recent conviction of a 26 year old man for aggravated arson, murder, and child endangerment. While holding his child in his arms, the man set his house on fire, resulting in the death of his wife and severe burns to his child. The child endured months of treatment for 2nd and 3rd degree burns, far away from his family and without his mother. Tana found evidence that led to an aggravated arson conviction. Besides investigating fires, Tana conducts demonstrations and promotes fire safety. She works with children during fire prevention week and is a regular at Kansas State Fair Emergency Preparedness Day events. At home, Tana enjoys playing fetch and spending time with her other animal family members. Tana is a HERO because she puts arsonists behind bars and serves as an ambassador for fire safety.

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