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Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner Freedom Service Dogs
Location columbus, Ohio


Bones started out as a Miniature poodle that i rescued almost 6 years ago...afraid of humans, had broken ribs was severely emaciated. I knew from day one there was something special about him but i didnt really figure it out til two and a half years ago when i was having panic attacks...he would tome to me and paw at me for what i thought was no reason and shortly after i would go into a panic attack...I was diagnosed with PTSD 5 years ago and when i told my doctor what he was doing and how he would lick my face, lean against my chest or simply rest his face against mine during an attack he suggested we do his Service Dog training and i did. While he may be owner trained, ive had dogs all my life and trained them all myself. Im not saying it was easy but it really didnt take long for me to have him public safe.

He just picks up on things and even in his sleep if im going into an attack he wakes up and he also now wakes me during my night terrors.

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