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Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Staten Island, New York


If it wasn't for my two kids, Victoria (26) and John (22) incessantly nagging me for months for a Doberman puppy, this story might have a different ending.
Troy came into our lives 3 years ago in March, at just 2 1/2 months old. Needless to say, he was absolutely adorable, and had the best personality, and we all fell in love immediately. One night in mid-March 2011, he was curled up between my husband Harry and I, and kept nuzzling against my left side, triggering an allergic reaction, causing me to scratch my left breast. That's when I found the lump - I bolted up in bed saying, "what the heck is this?"
That same week, my doctor confirmed that it was an aggressive breast Cancer, Stage 2, over 3 centimeters in size and that it was in both breasts. (Worth noting, I had a digital mammogram just 5 months earlier.) As a result, I underwent surgery for a double mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy. Moral of the story, if we didn't have Troy, who knows what the prognosis could have been. I call him my "Life Saving Pup" because he found a way to get my attention and find the cancer. He's my hero! I want to thank Susan James, Troy's breeder, who lovingly gave us Troy and is very involved in our lives with Troy.

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