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Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner Freedom Service Dogs
Location Kearns, Utah


Tiaki was born to serve! She is a two year old German Wirehaired Pointer. From the moment I brought her home at 9 weeks old she has shown that she was meant to be a service dog. She learned a lot from my retired service dog, but Tia leaned a few tricks of her own (including alerting to changes in my blood sugar). When she was ready to start public access training, she showed no fear, even finding "scary" things fun! Tia has been a great ambassador for non-typical service dog breeds. She is lovingly referred to as the Muppet within the service dog groups I belong to and her adorable appearance gives lots of opportunity to educate the public about different service dogs, especially those for invisible disabilities. The photo was taken right after Christmas in a busy mall with lots of distractions, showing how extensive the training for service dogs is.

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