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judges 2011

bandit, shorty, booboo, rockie, buddy, mickey

Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location las vegas, Nevada


the "Bandit" video has made bandit a youtube hero already, last count 4.3 million views of lil Bandito with the eye of the tiger trying to negotiate a treadmill. as u can see "he's all grows up."
the "Bandit" vid has been on The Today show, GMA, Dr.oz, CNN, Red Eye (twice), Huff Post, and on Cesars web site.
But Thats not all Bandit has accomplished. He has brought the PLP Kissing Booth back to life. After losing our beautiful mascot "Buster" to cancer last year the booth didn't really work without him , not that the others aren't natural born kissers they are. but Buster was the hub, the bigger than life kissing machine that drew people in. and when Buster started kissing the others followed. Bandit has filled that spot beautifully being just as lovable and inviting as Buster was.
We have multiple invites to events all over the country and the world. asking plp to bring the kissing booth to their events. but we are limited to just vegas and california. money will help PLP (a non profit 501c3 organization) procure a vehicle to travel beyond just vegas and california, allowing PLP to spread the tongue bath gospel that is the PLP Kissing Booth.
Bandit is also a registered service dog and will also be a therapy dog this year, like buster before him and his big sis Shorty is now.


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