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ginny and i.jpg
Entry Category Guide & Hearing Dogs
Charity Partner Dogs for the Deaf
Location Mesa, Arizona


Ginny is my hero. She is my hero because she is my ears in the silent world that I am in. Ginny allows me to hear through her, and shows me the world through her body language. I was born deaf. I have never heard a sound without the assistance of an amplification device. I communicate using American Sign Language (ASL). I can speak well to people that are familiar with my speech. Ginny helped me develop better communication skills because she forced me to communicate with people about her. People are drawn to Ginny’s sweetness and beauty. People are often curious on what Ginny does for me, and how she “assists” me with daily life. She constantly keeps me happy with her silliness, and makes me laugh. She reminds me that it is okay to laugh, and that the "silent" world is a good place to live. In this picture, it shows how much trust and love is in our working relationship. She helps me "cope" with the silent world I live in. Family and friends love this picture because it is a natural picture that shows our working relationship. She is my hero because she makes my silent world a better place to live.

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