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judges 2011

SD Saphiraz Azul Indugeaux CGC ThD

Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner Freedom Service Dogs
Location Zachary, Louisiana


I consider my Service Dog Indigeaux Fideaux CGC ThD my hero. Over six years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and they are still searching for answers to health problems they believe are caused by one of the many auto immune disorders which cause wide spread pain and muscle weakness amount other symptoms. I had been working at a Pet & Veterinary Supply and decided to get a dog to train as a Service Dog. I had been a private trainer for many years and had shown and trained dogs and horses as a professional and knew that as my condition progressed I may experience problems which involved coordination and balance. I began to research the benefits of training one and found out that the cost could be greatly reduced with the donation of time by trainers. By researching and beginning to form a network to help others find the right candidate I found the perfect one for me. one summer night during July I suffered a seizure and stroke brought on by my syndrome. I had been training Indigeaux to go get help and bring hem back to me. She stayed with me till EMS arrived. I was hospitalized and do not know what I would have done without her by my side. She inspired me to co- found Working Animal Guide Society of Louisiana aka WAGS a non profit support group for Service Dog owners of varying disabilities. I am also a member of IACP as well as IAADP organizations dedicated to trainers and training service animals as well as well behaved canines as part of families.

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