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Kitchie Kahuna

Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner The Good Dog Foundation
Location Petaluma, California


Kitchie Kahuna is a wolf-dog mix and assists Metis (mixed blood Native Indian People) on SunDances and Vision Quests. She carries the true healing medicine of the Wolf and the pack.
She always assists those seeking a vision for their future and gifts given to each and every one
from the Great Mystery of Life on Planet Earth. Kitchie Kahuna has been a guardian, shown each of us a Path of loyalty and a bond of a heart-centered ceremonial aspect to our walk
on Mother Earth. Wolf-dogs were always part of a tribe, showing loyalty, guardianship and
friendship to those who earned it. Kitchie Kahuna teaches us about Power and how to be a leader in terms of what an alpha female or male must be aware of concerning natural laws as related to the human world. Power must be determined and used for the good of the whole.

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