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glorysearching 008.JPG
Entry Category Search and Rescue Dogs
Charity Partner National Search Dog Alliance
Location Sun Valley, California


Glory is a 6 year old Bloodhound and unique in that she is the only Bloodhound in the State of California Certified to find lost pets. She has helped bring closure to hundreds of families in either locating the pet or finding remains. One of her recent searches involved finding a lost Pekinese, Goldie. Goldie belonged to a couple in their 90's that were in a private care home. One day, a neighbor decided to take Goldie to work miles away in an industrial area of Orange County, without the permission of the family. Goldie darted from the work place and was lost. After NINE days, despite heroic efforts from the family, there had been no leads. The couple was grief stricken and the husband lay dying sure he would never see his beloved Pekinese again. Glory was called in to search. She took scent from Goldie's bed and immediately led around several buildings, across a street and up to a large outdoor manufacturing warehouse, specializing in huge slabs of marble. It took several hours for us to gain permission to enter. No workers at the warehouse had seen the Pekinese. When we were finally granted permission to search, Glory continued working steadily through the large outdoor area. After one half hour she stopped and alerted on several pallets. We looked under the pallet and there was Goldie! Goldie was reunited that day with her owners. Later that week, the husband died peacefully holding Goldie knowing she was safe.

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