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Tim  Ava 2012.jpg
Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Project Paws Alive
Location Atlanta, Georgia


My name is Investigator Tim Roberts and my partner is K9 Ava. We investigate arson fires for the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office. In September 2012, Ava and I were called by the Worth County Fire Department to investigate a fatal fire. A deceased male was discovered on the couch in the living room while a female made it out of the house but sustained burn injuries. Ava was deployed to search for accelerants at which time she alerted to the exact area on the couch where the victim was found. Investigators learned that a third subject had been in the residence but left prior to the fire. He was picked up by police and taken in for questioning by myself and another agent. The suspect appeared nervous and gave false statements so I decided to place him in a lineup. I deployed Ava and she went down the line, sniffing each individual. She alerted on the suspect’s clothes. I removed Ava from the area and had the suspect moved in the lineup. Ava was brought back in and she alerted on the same suspect. He was taken back into the interview room and once confronted with the results of Ava’s sniffs, he confessed to stabbing the male and then pouring lighter fluid on his body to hide the murder. He set the body on fire and left the burning house as the female slept. Because of Ava’s incredible nose, an arsonist/murderer is in jail.

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