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Entry Category Guide & Hearing Dogs
Charity Partner Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Location Crystal Lake, Illinois


Wonzie is my hero. I've learned things from her that no human could've ever taught me.

Not only a dog, a friend, a family member, but a guardian angel.
At first, we didn't get along, but time passed and now we are inseparable.
Here's why.
W is for her willingness to please, no matter what the cost. She lives to make those around her happy. It doesn't take much to please this dog. She's happy when you're happy.
O is for her outstanding guide work. She doesn't seem to be slowing down soon.
N is for her need to share, whether it be toys or a hug, W will always share something with you.
Z is for her zesty personality. She prides herself in her brisk pace and ability to be on target. You can see it in the way she carries herself. (I can't help but smile sometimes.)
I is for her incredible endurance. Whether there is rain, snow, ice, and the danger of frostbite, she is always chugging right along. Once I forgot her booties, a handler's mistake, and she guided me on 3 feet for over a block. Once we found safety, I took her inside, warmed her feet, and thanked her for her effort. Most dogs would probably say "Screw it, I'm not going any further..." This wasn't the case for my W.
E is for effort and enthusiasm, her jingling ears as she guides, and her always happy, constantly wagging tail.

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