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judges 2011


Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Sheltie Rescue of Utah
Location Magna, Utah


Destiny is a true fighter. In August 2013 Destiny went into liver failure due to her gal bladder, She had emergency surgery to remove it.
On February 22nd 2014 her dad Richard tripped on a white board that was across the floor of the gas station and fell hard. He thought he was fine and went home. The next day he went to the ER and they sent him home with pain meds. Two days later Destiny woke him up whining and crying. She would not leave him alone. Destiny knew something was wrong and she started getting frantic about it. Richard went to the ER right away and they found an embolism (blood clot) in his lungs that had broke up from the bruising on his leg and went to the lungs. They admitted him to the hospital for treatment. Because of Destiny they caught the embolism at the early stages and were able to treat it.
Destiny is an amazing little dog with a big heart. Her favorite thing to do is go to the rehab-home and visit those who need a smile, Destiny joined Project Puppy Luv and helps collect and pass out stuffed puppies and friends to those at Hunter Hollow. She volunteers with Sheltie Rescue of Utah and raises awareness and funds for the wonderful Sheltie’s that need a forever home. Destiny also does presentations for little kids on dog safety. Destiny is a very special soul sent here to make a difference.

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