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Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner Paws & Effect
Location Tuxedo Park, New York


Cassie is a natural as a therapy dog, simply and unconditionally loving people. Cassie became a Delta Society (now Pet Partners) therapy dog because of her gentle disposition that destined her for this labor of love. Along with her angelic looks, Cassie took on the mantel of an angel when she joined the therapy team “Angel on a Leash”. For 6 years on Sundays, Cassie has donned her service vest and made the forty-five minute trip from Tuxedo, NY to the NY-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. At times it may be nothing more than a quest to elicit a smile from a child in a hospital bed or to delight a recuperating child who has been waiting with anticipation for a visit from a four legged friend … other times it may be the simple joy of giving Cassie a treat or enabling her to provide the quite companionship of laying down in the bed next to a child wanting the comfort of a dog. The pet therapy experience may also come in the form of a tearful parent giving heartfelt thanks for bringing happiness where there was none before. Each visit brings a renewed appreciation and further understanding of what therapeutic joy of a dog can bring to others. Whether entering the room and eliciting a smile, Cassie’s visits are a happy distraction for these children in spite of their medical challenges. Cassie is in every sense an “Angel”, an angel with four paws and a feathered tail.

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