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German couple Jackie.jpg
Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner Paws & Effect
Location North Hollywood, California


Jackie is my 9 year old doberman. I received Jackie when he was 9 months old from the doberman rescue L.A. . The rescue informed me that Jackie had been neglected starved and denied human contact and it was apparent he was kept in a small space. For the first few months with me he paced for hours at a time. All he ever wants to do is be at my side or greeting a total stranger with his doberman lean and a thrust of his head to their hand. He worked with Alzheimer's patients, for a year and now works with children who are dealing with a number of issues, from being bullied to getting over a fear of dogs after being attacked, to abandonment issues. Jackie is also a LAX Therapy dog in the P.U.P. (PETS UNSTRESSING PASSENGERS) program. Jackie works the international Terminal seeing passengers off on flights going all over the world. He is an incredible ambassador for the doberman pinscher breed, as well as L.A. He is currently helping one young woman at the airport get over her life long fear of dogs. The photo I have included is Jackie with a couple going home to Germany. The work he does every week with the children, will forever change peoples lives as do all the therapy dogs do all over the world. But from where Jackie came from, to where he's been and where he is going makes him my hero.

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