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Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Project Paws Alive
Location Georgetown, Kentucky


Honey is a yellow lab who investigates fires in Kentucky for the Scott County Fire Department. Honey is one of only two accelerant detection canines in the state so she stays extremely busy. She was raised by Southeastern Guide Dogs in Florida but her high energy level made her a better arson dog than guide dog. Honey is super friendly and cuddly with my wife, seven year old daughter, and three and half year old son. My daughter and son go with me to do public events with Honey and assist in holding her lead and hiding training aids. They are both so proud of “their fire dog”. Honey has worked hundreds of cases in her career but one memorable case involved a juvenile fire setter who set three different houses on fire, including the bed his mother and father were sleeping in. Honey detected the lighter fluid he used to start two of the fires. The juvenile was convicted and was remanded to state custody. Honey is always ready to go to work and we always assist anyone who calls. Kentucky is tenth in the nation in fire fatalities and she helps to prove whether a fire was intentional or accidental. This is important for families so they can have closure. Honey is a perfect tool in getting the word out about arson and her presence at schools and community events help to educate kids about fire prevention. That is why she is a true HERO.

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