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judges 2011


Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Sheltie Rescue of Utah
Location San Diego, California


Kimber may not be the standard definition of valiant but he has his moments. Every day I get home from working in the Navy, he greets me and says in his eyes,"I haven’t seen you in forever, I counted." It just melts my heart and the problems of the day as well.

For being so small he's a great workout buddy. When we go on hikes he climbs the rock walls faster than I can. But he's very conscience on if I'm getting a good workout and will have me carry him so I get that extra burn. He keeps in in top physical condition.

He does some great tricks too!!! He can sit, laydown, rollover, re-decorate the house with the trash he got into, and give awesome high fives.

All in all, Kimber might not be everyone’s hero, but after dealing with all the hardships of the day, he certainly is mine. I'm so glad that he adopted me!

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