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judges 2011


Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner America’s VetDogs – The Veteran
Location Henderson, Nevada


Lucy is amazing in every way possible, she's the best listener, best comforter, and best friend I ever had. She's always there for me when I need her so therefor in return I would like to give her the recognition she deserves. It's amazing how a dog can sense what your feeling, she knows me better then I know myself, she knows when I'm angry, or sad, or ecstatic, every emotion I feel it seems like she's always one step ahead of me. During an episode I can look at her and completely forget why my episode started in the first place, simply petting her brings me back to normalcy, as strange as this may sound even her scent calms me down, she puts her paw on my knee or in my hand and everything is serene. Even doing our weekly grocery shopping has gained Lucy a small audience, the employees and security guard at our local grocery love her and are amazed by her. I've always had dog's growing up but none compare to Lucy. She's my Lucy Goosey, my best friend and in my eyes she's perfect. I hope that you decide to sponsor her because I can guarantee, you won't be disappointed.

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