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Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Springfield, Massachusetts


Kane was in a shelter and time was running out for him, but the shelter’s director saw something in Kane and gave him “one more week.” That was long enough for Kane’s mom to find him and adopt him into his forever home. Kane showed signs of having been abused, was thin and very depressed. Once home, he grew into the loving, happy dog he is today.
Kane’s Krusade began when Kane’s sister Tess developed mast cell cancer. Thanks to excellent veterinary care, Tess is doing very well, but Kane’s mom realized many people may not be able to afford to care for an ill dog. Today, Kane’s Krusade helps families in need care for their dogs in difficult financial times and keeps loved dogs in their homes. They provide food, treats, toys, and equipment; vaccinations; spay/neuter; microchips; Kondos (insulated dog houses built by volunteers) and more. Accomplishments in 2013 include: delivering 7,698 pounds of dry and 695 cans of dog food and 449 pounds of treats, having 23 dogs spayed/neutered, 37 dogs vaccinated and micro-chipped, providing 47 vet visits/surgery, and keeping a total of 80 dogs out of shelters!
Many families who are helped “pay it forward” and join Kane’s Krusade as volunteers, what Kane calls a “circle of compassion.”
Chief Ambass-a-Bull Kane also represents Misunderstood Dogs by visiting with children, teaching them that a dog should not be judged by their breed, but by their behavior, and that “Love knows no color, age or breed."

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