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Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Bristol , Rhode Island


My mother got diagnosed with breast cancer; again. This time, it was stage 4 and we found ourselves back in the hospitals, the chemotherapy treatments, being bald and throwing up all night. After her first round of chemo we found out she was resistant to the drugs. Her tumor had tripled in size in three months and I was scared.

The only remedy I knew, was that of a animal; so I found Velcro. Vel was a tiny black Schnoodle that fit perfectly into the crook of her arm. The two became inseparable.

Until one morning when the phone rang and my mother screamed, "A coyote's got Velcro!"
I tore out of bed from my mother's guesthouse and ran across the lawn in desperation.

My heart pounded through my chest as I gasped, "Vel, Vel, Vel". Then, through the branches, I saw a coyote peer through the trees. I chased him through the woods, my bare feet shred from the thorns underfoot. Bloodied and barely alive, I found Velcro, again.

The vets said that even if she survived the surgeries the infections would most likely kill her.

After two weeks in ICU with: three surgeries, one blood transfusion, puncture wounds over 90% of her body, ears ripped off and sewn back on, a neck and abdomen pieced back together and drains protruding from her skull, thighs, back and chest and $12,000 in vet bills, Velcro survived.

And so did my mom.


The photo is of my mother and Velcro while she was in ICU.

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