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Maxwell Search Dog_1520.jpg
Entry Category Search and Rescue Dogs
Charity Partner National Search Dog Alliance
Location Attalla, Alabama


Maxwell is 7 year old Australian Shepherd, NASAR Nationally Certified K-9 SARTECH III, Area Live Air Scent SAR Dog. He has trained and matured to be a SAR dog since he was six months old. Maxwell started as a Trailing dog then moved to air scent. Maxwell has trained at least once per week his entire life, usually more. He, even as a beginner, has always energetically and eagerly searched and found the missing subject 100%. Maxwell is blessed with an incredible mind and the great ability to reason with his mind and nose to quickly locate the missing person. Maxwell and his handler have been trained, through the years, by many well recognized USA air scent trainers, including US Border Patrol.

The photo of Maxwell was taken during a training exercise to locate a missing person on 40+A section. The photo was toward the end of his search, where he was in scent and gave a slight pause to determine his final direction of travel to the lost subject.

Maxwell being a great companion and SAR dog, he has dedicated his life’s work to helping and saving humans. His work ethic, outgoing personality and loving disposition and unique balance of obedience and independence is more than one could ask for in a SAR dog!

Maxwell is truly GOD’s gift to humans and he in turn give humans all he can, so those in jeopardy can survive. He is certainly qualified to be a “HERO DOG”, represent all.

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