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judges 2011

Betty Boop aka Ms. BB

Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Bronx, New York


Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Betty Boop is my constant companion. I get depressed and just don't feel like doing anything but knowing that BB has to be somewhere to attend an event, do a photo or tv shoot, keeps me moving and healthy. When we are home in the evening and waiting for my husband to arrive, BB always has an eye on me and can sense when there is a problem. I have minor issues compared to others with this disease, but I am truly grateful to have BB to make me laugh, smile and just make sure that we both get out and do something with our lives instead of sitting home feeling sorry for myself. We plan fundraisers for shelters and attend fundraisers. Due to BB, we are very active in the "dog social scene" in New York City. The picture provided is her 4th Barkday fundraiser for The Sato Project. BB loves to be with her friends and she never wanders from her mom, always staying close. I get anxiety at times and BB will give me a kiss when she senses it. BB is not a trained pup. Since she was a baby she knew when I was not feeling well and would climb in the bed to be with me and still does to this day. Since BB came into my life, I have a reason other than work to get up. She is definitely my hero!

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