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judges 2011


Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Leona Valley, California


Mick was found in the mountains emaciated and half dead. Someone had wet him down and brutally hit him so hard in the head it broke the cartilage in his ear to were it flops over and made him carry his head at a tilt. Because of that experience he become very sick, 106 f temperature, fluid in his lungs and bronchial pneumonia and showing all signs of distemper. When we rescued him our vet tested him and came up positive for distemper and advised us to put him down. We got a second opinion, did more tests and found out it was not distemper but he was pretty far gone and that "you may consider putting him down". We decided to put the time and love into Mick. At first he would only eat one piece of kibble at a time by hand, he could barely walk or even lift his head. After several month he was healthy enough to eat a full bowl of food and start training. We thought we would never get his head to straighten up, but it did. After only a few weeks of training we were called down with Mick to Disney for an audition for Dog With A Blog, the producers fell in love immediately and the very next week he went to rehearsals and started to shoot. In a way we didn't save Mick, he saved us.

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