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judges 2011

Marie aka Murrey

punkin patch 003.JPG
Entry Category Guide & Hearing Dogs
Charity Partner Leader Dogs For The Blind
Location Shreveport, Louisiana


Marie was supost to be a paws for a cause dog but she didn't want to do that she then went to Leader Dogs she loved that. Marie is my second dog. She is so special to me. I know I can trust her. I just love to watch her work. My friends will tell me to watch out I tell them just watch her and she shows them how awsome she is and how well she works. It still is awsome to watch her work. She bounces when she walks. Everyone loves her. My first dog was like that to. where ever we go Marie is sure to find a friend. we have gone to Dinsey world and they where couldn't believe was even in the room or out side the room. She has her chuch friend. We do PEP pet education project its were we teach kids about kids where to get pets and how to take care of pets and how to act around service dogs and how and why they get to do the things they do. we talk about the schools they go to. the kids love Marie the most because she acts better than the theropy dogs. she loves getting petted by they kids. sometimes she gets tired and I have to wishper in her ear just let the other kids pet you and you will get a doggie treat. She perks up and ready for more pets from the kids.

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