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Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner America’s VetDogs – The Veteran
Location Yorktown, Virginia


Devoted is a 3 year old service dog that entered my life during some of the most difficult days within my journey of healing and forgiveness. On May 2, 2007 my life as I knew it changed forever. I was involved in a home invasion with my 2 young daughters. While trying to escape, two of the robbers shot me point blank multiple times that resulted in my paralysis. Afraid to enter into a world I no longer trusted, I began to give up on life as I laid prisoner within the walls of my house. Three years later Devoted entered my life and our journey began. This is a story of courage, loyalty, and friendship. This is a story about a beautiful dog that has helped me heal, forgive, live and trust once again. He brought laughter back into my life. In addition, Devoted also performs many tasks that help me throughout the day which includes picking up items off the floor, opening doors, and taking of my socks, shoes and jacket. During the moments my fears overwhelm me, Devoted also pulls my attention away from the trigger that caused my fears. I no longer worry about the 10,000 things I can no longer do. Rather, I focus on the things I can do with Devoted’s help. Devoted not only has helped me, but he also has helped my daughters overcome their fears as well through his unconditional love and patience.

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