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judges 2011


Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner Hand in Paw
Location austin, Texas


Spike is 14 years old at the age of 37 I had my first two hip replacements done 12 weeks apart little did I know I would have five total hip replacements by theage of 44and Spike smelled 3 blood clots in my right ankle and saved my life because he would not stop whining and licking the leg, then once again he smelled a terrible sinus infection having rheumatoid arthritis a infection can kill you went to the doctors it was so bad I could of had a aneurysm from the blockage, once I had allergic reaction to some food I ate and passed out from anyphylactic shock he kept barking and he only barks if there's a reason because he wouldn't stop a few neighbors knew this not to be like him and that's how they found me!! he has saved my life more than once he is the reason I walk today after so many surgeries three of the hips were done in 6 weeks and he never has been trained for any of it recently he saved a litter of kittens by cleaning them after they urinate and the vet said they would of died because licking causes stimulation for bladder and stool production.. he has so many people that love him because of his nature and his love of all things great and small. he is truly my Hero and God blessed me the day I rescued him from the local pound here!!! thanks..

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