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Kenny and ellie.jpg
Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Project Paws Alive
Location Byron, Illinois


A hero can be defined as a champion or a conqueror. My Ellie has been all these things. We always knew she was a special dog. She came to us as a 3 year old dog whose owner had to get rid of her. She trained and became a fantastic arson K9 for the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s office. She has always been a gentle loving dog and even received Christmas presents from the fire departments she serviced. Ellie worked alongside me as my K9 partner for seven years and investigated over 300 fire scenes in her career. She would have worked many more had she not been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. This is where her true nature really shined through. The treatment for her cancer would begin with surgery to remove the cancer and then, when she had healed, chemotherapy and radiation. The amount of pain she was in had to be excruciating and it was pitiful to watch as her owner. She never growled or snapped, and was even patient when we had to apply medicine. It took a while for her to heal but she returned to her job as an arson dog before a much deserved retirement in the fall of 2012. She is a good old house dog now at the age of 11, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t go to the door and try to leave with me when I say it’s time to “go to work”.

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