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Entry Category Guide & Hearing Dogs
Charity Partner Leader Dogs For The Blind
Location Allendale, Michigan


Orlee is the most incredible dog I've ever come in contact with. I have been raising her for the past 8 months or so and training her to be a leader dog for the blind. Although she will hopefully pass and help a blind person, I will miss everything about her spunky personality. She is a hero because she brings smiles to peoples faces daily. She attends college with me and everyone loves on her while were walking through campus. She has helped me in the steps to overcome my depression and I couldn't have asked for a better blessing in my life. Her small size causes her to be tired after walks around the store, mall, library, etc. When Orlee isn't working she likes to play with Elk antlers and take naps. She snores VERY loud! She participates in parades and makes appearances to events that raise money for different causes. This photograph was taken while she was "working" on campus and enjoying visiting with my sorority sisters at lunchtime. She is pretty photogenic if you ask me! Orlee's line of work will do great justice in serving the blind, and even if she doesn't pass the Leader Dog training, she will still be put into a program to provide therapy for people in hospitals, retirement homes, etc.

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