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Amelia and Penzy.jpg
Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Project Paws Alive
Location Daytona Beach, Florida


The Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office is lucky to have a hard-working arson dog like K9 Penzy investigating fires. We have been a team since completing our training and certification in May 2012. Penzy was raised through Southeastern Guide Dogs to be a guide dog for the blind. She has so much energy so she changed her career and rather than end up in an animal shelter, she became a crime fighter. As a Detective with the Bureau of Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigations, I am called on at all hours of the day or night to investigate fire scenes from Duval County (Jacksonville) to Brevard County (Titusville). With such a large area to service, I couldn’t manage it without K9 Penzy. She is such a hard worker and as soon as my cell phone rings, she is ready to go. She has assisted the Florida State Fire Marshal in numerous cases that have led to the arrest of arsonists. Arson is a very hard crime to solve and the evidence is often burned up in the blaze. Without the help of arson dogs such as Penzy, most of the fires would go unsolved or would never lead to a conviction. That makes her a hero to me. She doesn’t discriminate; she just goes into a fire scene and does her job quickly and accurately. When she is at home she likes to play in the backyard with our German Shepherd and take long naps. She has earned it.

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