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judges 2011


Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location New Paltz, New York


In June 2012, I started a program called The Lola Project (named after my now PSD Lola), to raise awareness about mental health and illness, and the benefits of psychiatric service dogs especially for our Veterans. With mental illness affecting 1 in 4 Americans,it's concerning to think it commonly goes unnoticed, untreated, or looked upon as taboo. This stigma needs to be removed from mental illness, and we, as a national community, need to band together to support the education and resources needed to understand this epidemic of an illness and help battle for a cure and understanding. My PSD Lola and I, work hard everyday to bring awareness, educate, stop the stigma, and much more surrounding mental health/illness, through our Facebook, instagram, twitter, website, outings, public speaking and event just answering questions to people we meet. Lola proudly wears her "Psychiatric Service Dog" patch on her vest, and I love working with her; but most of all everything I do, all the countless hours of work on TLP, attending graduate school for mental health counseling, and even everyday life (going shopping, raising my daughter, etc) would not be possible without Lola, she is my lifesaver, my guardian, and the light in my darkest times, she is truly a Hero to me, and I can only hope she can be a Hero for all those who battle with mental illness.

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