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judges 2011


Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner Freedom Service Dogs
Location Arvada, Colorado


Kallist is a saint, he saved my life. He gave me a second chance at mobility. I was told by my doctor I would have to be in a wheelchair because of my spasm in my feet and that I maybe not able to go outside because of my PTSD and he changed that for me. Kallist gave me a second chance. Kallist can deal with extremely high stress eviroments with loud noises but at the same time sense when I am about to have a stress attack from PTSD and come to my aid or when I am about to have a spasm and lick me and tell me to sit down and if I can't sit down he will lean on me to keep me virtual and keep me up, he is strong and will keep me up if there is no where to sit down. He has give me the chance to be free and to be able to travel again and not be afraid to go out about and be myself, Kalist is the best thing that has every happened to me, he is my joy and my life. I don't know what I would do without him. I would be homebound and alone and I would be in a wheelchair and I would not be walking like I am today.

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