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Shuler and urmel.jpg
Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Fort Campbell, Kentucky


SGT Shuler and MWD Urmel deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to Afghanistan in MAR of 2013. This team performed head and shoulders above their peers, certifying in under 60 days from being put together as a team. This result was because the team chemistry between dog and hadler was perfect, SGT Shuler was able to use Urmel's eagerness and activity productively. Within a month of being received in country, SGT Shuler and Urmel were ordered to assist a small special forces team in Al Anbar Provenc Afghanistan. While on a mission searching a large dirt compound, Urmel became excited in a living room area. The Soldiers on the team wanted to move on and complete the search, but SGT Shuler knew his partner very well. Leading the dog around a fireplace, Urmel discovered that the wall was false, and when SGT Shuler and the rest of the team uncovered the false dirt wall, they discovered more than 400 pounds of explosives hidden by insurgents. This find was very significant to US Forces preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan, and resulted in the discovery and arrest of an explosive manufacturing ring in the vicinity. The 510th Military Police Detachment is very proud of the accomplishments of both SGT Shuler and MWD Urmel, and that is why we nominate them for the Dog hero award.

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