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judges 2011


Entry Category Service Dogs
Charity Partner America’s VetDogs – The Veteran
Location Lee's Summit, Missouri


Harry has given me my acrtive live back by aloowing me to be active by him being my eyes., we travel all over. Haryy on numerous occaision save me from be hit by cars that failed to stop for stop sings. In the first week he saved me from being hit several times because drivers were more worried about getting to work instead of watching what they are doing. I no that uis what he was trained for. What makes him my hero is the thing he does that he was not trained for. Last winter we were walking and it was very icey outside and I was walking and hit a patch of ice and I was going down hard and Harry seen this an crawled under me so I would fall on him insteadf of the HARD SIDE WALK( smeting he was not trained for this. In Sep 25 2013 to 5 Oct 2013 we were walking from Clinton MO. to St. Louis for a fund raiser for Blinded or Vision Impaired Veterans and I walked on top of a snake a couple of times and each time Harry was ready to defend me. Many others time Harry has saved me from adog that tried to attack me and He also make sure I take my insulin and bugs me if he thinks my surgar is low. Harry has given me back my life after I became Legally blind in 2003. These are many of the things he does to take care of me even tough he was not trained to dothis .He is definally mans best friend and helper.

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