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SSD Honza

Entry Category Military Dogs
Charity Partner America's VetDogs
Location Shavertown, Pennsylvania


SSD Honza is an 8 year old yellow lab who is trained to find explosives for the United States Army. Since being paired with his partner SGT John Nolan in 2011 SSD Honza has had not only an enormous impact on John, but everyone he comes in contact with.

SSD Honza spent 12 months in Afghanistan from December 2011 to December 2012. During his time there he located 14 Improvised explosive devices, resulting in over 400lbs of explosives being destroyed, and not used against American Troops.

SSD Honza acted as a Morale dog helping give deployed troops a small piece of home. From a shake of the paw to a cuddle SSD Honza was always there to give a pick me up to the troops. He spent time at Hospitals on different American bases seeing off Wounded Warriors and helping to improve their morale.

SSD Honza has also done countless demonstrations for the community of Ft. Eustis, VA where he works. By connecting with the community and showing his abilities, SSD Honza has been able to improve the relationship of the local police with the community and enable them to see what Military Working Dogs are doing to keep them safe.

SSD Honza is a true American hero both at home and abroad. With his happy demeanor and never quit attitude he has saved more lives than can be counted and for that he is a true American Hero, and should be your 2014 AHA Hero Dog.

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