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judges 2011


Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Henderson, Nevada


I purchased this dog for my mom for Christmas not long after my father was in an accident. He sustained a head injury and was not the same after that. One night Hope was about 12 weeks old and sleeping with my mom. All of a sudden I heard not only Hope but my Lab barking and it was not a normal bark. Got up ran down the hallway to see my mom sitting up and Hope growling. My dad was standing over her bed with his cane raised and he told her he did not want to go alone she needed to go with him.
It really scared her after that baby gates were put up in the house so we always knew were he was. My mom was afraid to go to sleep. The night he passed he was in hospice and she took Hope with her. She was crying all the way and Hope kept biting her she started to settle down and tell Hope no then Hoped licked her it seemed to help my mom. Each time she cried Hope would bark when she settled Hope would lick her. This wnet on the hole time and since that those two have been connected mom hates to leave her if we have to go to the store but when we get home that crazy dog is right there. She takes care of my mom when I am not hope and sleeps with her all the time.

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