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Entry Category Arson Dogs
Charity Partner Project Paws Alive
Location Cookeville, Tennessee


K9 Krissy is an accelerant detection canine for the Cookeville Fire Department in Tennessee. For the past three years Krissy has worked hard finding evidence that helps to put arsonists in jail. Every insurance claim paid to an arsonist causes homeowners insurance premiums to go up. Not on her watch. She is working to reduce fraud and fight crime. One of the first cases that I worked with Krissy took place in a neighboring county. We arrived to the fire scene and found about half of the house burned. During her walk through, she found an unburned container in a closet that contained 5 gallons of gasoline. She found another melted container on the bed in the master bedroom, a melted container in the hallway, and another one melted to the kitchen floor. In total, K9 Krissy alerted to 28 locations in the house and all 28 samples came back positive for gasoline. She is the best dog because she loves to be with me wherever I go. If I sit on the couch, she is in my lap. When I go to bed, she sleeps between me and my wife on the bed. When I am on shift at the fire department, she sleeps in my spot on the bed and protects my wife and son. Regardless of whether she wins the Hero Dog Awards or not, she has already won in my life and those in my family.

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