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Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner Hand in Paw
Location Jackson, New Jersey


Bandit is a 7 year old Alaskan Malamute who passed his test as he was turning a year old. He worked in nursing homes, hospitals and is on his second year of Career day at my daughters school where he teaches kids about therapy dogs and the impact they have on people, how animals can feel pain and have emotions, and also how they can help us with detecting cancer and seizures. At the age of 10, my daughter and Bandit also became a Certified Therapy dog team. We were touched by therapy dogs years ago when my husband went through cancer treatments. After a long, brave 3 1/2 year battle we lost my husband. I decided it was time to do therapy work myself and give back. Bandit made a depressed young girl get out of bed after days of refusing too, just so she could see him again in the hallway on our way back down. In hospice, he gave an unresponsive man's wife comfort when he moved his hand after she placed it on Bandit's fur thus letting her know that her husband was aware she was there. I understood what Bandit did since I was in the same situation with my husband when he passed away. In his 6 year of working as a therapy dog, Bandit has touched many lives already and has many more still to touch. He loves his job and loves everyone especially kids. Bandit is our therapy everyday!

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