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judges 2011


Entry Category Emerging Hero Dogs
Charity Partner Pine Street Foundation (Canine Cancer Detection)
Location Los Angeles, California


Maggie rose above her humble origins at the Los Angeles city shelter to become a working animal actor in movies, TV, and print media. Now she's trying to change the world for working dogs. She's the inspiration and soul of 'Working Like A Dog', a multimedia project to educate people on working and service dogs. Over the past two years, Maggie has travelled throughout the US as we meet and photograph dogs who work with their owners in a wide range of jobs, from medical alert to bedbug hunting to search-and-rescue to blood donors. Maggie herself is trained as a therapy dog, and she goes to hospitals, nursing homes, and children's camps, to bring smiles, give high-fives, perform tricks, listen to stories, and give hope. We also educate children on the proper care of a dog, how to approach a dog, and basic training and responsibility, so that when these children become adults, there's a better chance that fewer dogs will end up in city shelters like the one I found Maggie in.

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