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Bear 2.jpg
Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner Paws & Effect
Location Kissimmee, Florida


We got Bear from a private owner 4 years ago. Within the last two years, I've been diagnosed and treated with PTSD from service while on active duty. I retired after 22 years of service as a military police officer, and although Bear is not officially credentialed as a Therapy Dog, the benefits he's shown me through the years we had him have been immeasurable. Bear is a mixed breed German-Shepard, Chow, and Boxer. The nature of my PTSD is such that I get anxious very quickly in certain settings. Bear is always one that he can somehow sense when this is coming, and makes it a point to stay close to me, edging closer to my leg when he senses something isn't right. He will not move from my side until this anxiety passes, and constantly lets me know he is right where he belongs, by my side.

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