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Entry Category Therapy Dogs
Charity Partner Hand in Paw
Location Branford, Connecticut


Angel is the epidomy of an American Hero Dog. I am the Director of an Animal Shelter and Animal Control Department in CT. We removed Angel from a home where she was neglected as a puppy and due to the neglect she lost her leg. After doing alot of bloodwork, xrays and ultrasounds, we found that due to the fact that Angel never received the necessary medical care she needed as a puppy, she also had failing kidneys. The vets did not think Angel would live past six months old. Angel has...and she thrives! Angel's job is to go into school systems to teach children about disabilities (she has three legs and has to use the restroom quite a bit). She shows them that just because she is different doesn't mean that she is not like other dogs- much in the same way that just because a child may have a disability does not mean that they feel any different than other kids. Angel makes them laugh, allows an open level of communication for questions and curisoties, and she teaches them about acceptance all the while being loved up by kids. She also goes into retirement communities, senior centers and rehabiliation centers to bring joy and hope by showing others if she can thrive through all of the trials and tribulations- they can too. Angel has had four surgeries before she was 10 months old and she still shows up to work everyday!

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